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Oral Cancer: Symptoms & Tips For Prevention
February 14, 2022  |  Oral Cancer Screening, Oral Care

Oral Cancer: Symptoms & Tips For Prevention

Oral cancer is a severe disease that, if left untreated, can lead to death. The only method to deal with the problem is to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. Understanding the risk factors and signs of oral cancer will help you fight the disease more effectively. Our dentists at Royal Oak Family Dentistry have provided you with all of the information you need to know about oral cancer to help in early diagnosis and effective treatment

What Is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer, often known as mouth cancer, is a disease that affects the mouth. It commonly appears on the tongue, the back of your mouth, or the linings of your gum tissue. The malignant areas are often overlooked since they are painless at first. However, as the illness progresses, various warning indications emerge, such as tongue ulcers or odd developments. If you see any of these symptoms, schedule an oral cancer screening with your Oklahoma City dentist immediately.

What Are The Symptoms Of Oral Cancer?

A list of oral cancer symptoms has been put together by the best dentist in Oklahoma City. Please contact our dental office if you notice any of the signs listed below

  • Inflammed tissues inside your oral cavity

  • Uneven skin on your lips and inside your oral cavity

  • Spots in your mouth that are red or white

  • Unusual bleeding inside your oral cavity

  • Numbness within your mouth

  • Persistent canker sores that bleed and cause a lot of pain and discomfort. They don't heal even after weeks

  • An aching feeling or the feeling that something is stuck behind your neck.

  • You are unable to eat, speak, or move your jawbone in any way.

  • You may have oral cancer if you have a hoarse voice, a recurrent throat infection, or a change in your voice.

  • An earache that doesn't seem to go away

  • Dentures that don't fit as well as they used to

  • There has been a large quantity of weight loss.

Tips To Prevent Oral Cancer

Take the advice of your favorite Oklahoma City dentist to avoid developing this problem.

  • Tobacco and alcohol usage should be avoided at all costs. Consume these items carefully.

  • Eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet.

  • At least once a month, you should inspect your mouth. Look for any strange structures on the roof of your mouth, as well as your tongue and gums. Look for larger nodules in your neck and jaw. Please contact our dental office straight away if you see anything unusual.

  • Certain warning indicators can only be detected by your dentist in Oklahoma City who has enough training. Hence, it's critical to see your dentist for regular dental checkups so that the problem can be identified and treated as soon as necessary.

  • Keep your sun exposure to a bare minimum. Constant exposure to radiation increases the risk of oral cancer, particularly in the lower lip. Apply sunscreen to your skin and lips when you're out in the sun.

We hope this information has helped you to understand everything you need to know about oral cancer. Get in touch with us at Royal Oak Family Dental Of Oklahoma City for the best oral cancer screenings in Oklahoma City, OK.