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How are composite fillings better compared to amalgam fillings?
May 12, 2022  |  Composite Fillings

How are composite fillings better compared to amalgam fillings?

Having a beautiful smile is everyone's dream. However, when cavities affect your teeth, there is no wonder that the Oklahoma dentist will recommend dental fillings. The composite fillings, which are one of the most popular dental fillings, have allowed dentists to treat tooth decay and enhance the natural appearance of the teeth. Composite fillings are nothing but tooth-colored restorations that match perfectly with the existing color of your teeth. The dentist in Oklahoma will show you a tooth shade guide, and they will recommend the best restoration color that suits your mouth. Thus, the Oklahoma dentist can focus more on correcting tooth decay without worrying about the tooth's appearance.

Composite Fillings vs Amalgam Fillings

Many people prefer composite fillings over silver amalgam fillings for two reasons. One is because of the natural appearance of the teeth after composite fillings. The second reason is that only a small tooth structure needs preparation for a tooth-colored filling. While using silver fillings, much more tooth structure is ground down or removed to fix the placement of the filling in place. Since only less of the tooth is involved in composite fillings, it also provides enhanced overall tooth stability. Composite fillings by the dentist in Oklahoma also reduce the possibility of the tooth becoming weak.

Since no pain is involved in the composite filling, it is the ideal choice for patients who fear pain. Even if the composite fillings need to be worked on, there are still many more teeth left to work with. However, replacement is difficult for amalgam fillings since the patient may not have many teeth to work with. For such people, dental crowns may be the ultimate option. Thus composite fillings eliminate the need for invasive treatments like dental crowns. Amalgam fillings also lead to discoloration of the tooth. Inside the tooth, the staining may also occur inside the gums. 

After a long time, the amalgam fillings also result in a bluish hue by creeping into the enamel located around the dental filling. Composite fillings or tooth-colored fillings eliminate the possibility of teeth and gum discoloration. Since tooth-colored fillings or composite fillings bond better to the teeth, they can be placed on areas where a silver filling may not look good. Composite fillings are well-known for their aesthetics, durability, and longevity. To check your eligibility for composite fillings, schedule an appointment with your nearest dentist in Oklahoma.