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Cleaning & Prevention   •   March 16, 2022

Professional Teeth Cleaning — The First Step Toward Great Dental Health

A frightening statistic: just 64% of US individuals aged 18 to 64 had seen the dentist in the previous year. While brushing twice a day and flossing once a day helps to prevent plaque from accumulating on your teeth, they cannot prevent all of it from condensing and hardening into a thick plaque known as […]

Oral Cancer Screening, Oral Care   •   February 14, 2022

Oral Cancer: Symptoms & Tips For Prevention

Oral cancer is a severe disease that, if left untreated, can lead to death. The only method to deal with the problem is to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. Understanding the risk factors and signs of oral cancer will help you fight the disease more effectively. Our dentists at Royal Oak Family Dentistry have […]

Periodontal Therapy   •   November 8, 2020

Get To Know About Periodontitis And Its Treatment!

Periodontitis, also commonly known as gum issue, is a dreadful gum infection that ruins the soft tissue and if left untreated, can destroy the alveolar bone that delivers support to your teeth. This actually, may heighten the risks of heart attack, stroke, and other health troubles. The name “Periodontitis” actually signifies “inflammation around the tooth.” […]

Common Risk Factors of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a severe disease, which can cause serious complications like death. The worst part about oral cancer, just like most other forms of cancer, is the fact that you don’t get to spot the symptoms until it’s too late. Thus, it’s important to avoid risk factors to prevent oral cancer altogether. If you […]

Cleaning & Prevention, Periodontal Therapy   •   June 3, 2020

A Healthy Smile Can Protect Your Heart

The health of one body part can substantially influence the health of another body part. When it comes to keeping the heart healthy, very few people would think that maintaining a healthy smile would be related. However, strong connections have been established between your oral health and your overall health, especially your heart. While many […]