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Dental Sealants   •   January 14, 2022

Why should you choose Dental Sealants?

Tooth decay has become a common thing children face irrespective of their ages. Children have to undergo a lot of dental problems due to pain occurring as a result of cavities. Tooth loss could also happen due to the accumulation of cavities. Tooth decay is usually caused due to the lack of proper oral hygiene. […]

Dental implants   •   December 28, 2021

Causes Of Dental Implant Failure & How To Prevent It?

Although dental implant failure occurs rarely, it can occur even if your dentist takes all the precautions and employs the most cutting-edge technology. An implant failure does not occur because of body rejection with an organ transplant. Failure happens because of your general health & the process of the surgery or after-operation care. What Are […]

Orthodontics   •   November 17, 2021

Braces: Cost, Benefits, Pain & Definition

Braces are a type of orthodontic device that can be used to correct biting and alignment issues. It helps in the formation of a straight smile and improves your chewing abilities. When you’re young and your jaw is still growing, it’s preferable to get braces. However, adults can also use braces if their dental care […]

Dental implants   •   October 25, 2021

The Reasons for the Popularity of Dental Implants

Have you lost a tooth or several teeth? Then you can have the option of getting Dental Implants. Implants can readily address this concern and fill the space left by lost teeth. Missing teeth can have a severe influence on your dental health in a variety of ways. If left untreated, it may hamper chewing […]

Cosmetic Dentistry, onlays   •   September 25, 2021

What Is The Purpose Of Dental Onlays?

A dental onlay is a type of restoration that is commonly used to treat damaged or decayed teeth. Onlays provide a powerful and long-lasting repair treatment for tooth decay or similar damage. These restorations offer numerous advantages. The use of an onlay is seen as an alternative to crowns since it helps to save more […]